Friday, 24 July 2009

US F1 hint at Wurz talks for 2010

The boss of the new US F1 team has hinted he could consider veteran Austrian former grand prix driver Alexander Wurz for a race seat in 2010.
Peter Windsor told BBC Sport he was aiming to employ an experienced driver and an American rising star when his new team make their debut next season.
"We have spoken to Alex," he said. "Any new team coming into Formula 1 needs to look at drivers with experience.
"Alex Wurz could perhaps be able to operate at our rate of learning."
Wurz last raced in F1 for Williams in 2007, when he quit one race before the end of the season, saying he was retiring from F1.
The 35-year-old has since raced in sportscars.
Wurz has competed in 69 grands prix, racing for Benetton from 1997-2000 before spending five years as a test driver for McLaren and then Williams, who gave him a race seat for 2007.
Windsor added: "Alex has got a great brain, he is a good guy and a good friend.
"We have said several times that we want to run Americans, but our first year in F1 will be critical in a number of ways especially in this compressed time zone.
"We don't have a lot of time to do everything now because of all the turbulence and politics we have had this season, so there is maybe an argument for running an experienced driver in one car."
Wurz was lined up to take on a role as team boss with the Austrian Superfund team but their application for one of three new team licences for the 2010 season was rejected.
Anybody who has got a lot of F1 mileage who is still hungry and is a good guy is the sort of person we would be looking at for one of our two cars
US F1 team boss Peter Windsor
The licences were granted to US F1, Campos Racing and Manor - and all three teams have been linked with a succession of former F1 drivers.
Jacques Villeneuve - F1 world champion in 1997 - has voiced his interest in securing a drive for 2010 but former Williams team boss Windsor believes his team might not match Villeneuve's expectations.
"Jacques is a former world champion and he comes in with that persona and that largesse and it could be that for a team that needs to grow at it's own organic rate Jacques would come in with his own rate of expectation and they might not match," he said.
"The rate at which you learn and grow really affects the way that team will perform over the next decade.
"If you look at BAR-Supertec, as they were when they started (in 1999), in the days of Jacques Villeneuve, you could argue that the team was running before they could walk.
Can Wurz do a job for US F1?
"And I think that's one of the reasons they didn't go on to achieve the success that they maybe should have with their resources.
"We want to walk then canter and then sprint and we want to do all those things in the right order.
"Anybody who has got a lot of F1 mileage who is still hungry and is a good guy is the sort of person we would be looking at for one of our two cars."

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