Sunday, 30 August 2009

Live - Belgian Grand Prix

1210: Said coverage under way now. Sickly lot, that telly bunch. Jake Humphrey has been complaining of a throat infection, and now Lee McKenzie has a cold. That's the perils of the international jetset life for you. Grrr. Mercifully, the BBC website's representative in Spa, Sarah Holt, remains healthy. She spent some of yesterday with David Coulthard at Eau Rouge, which doesn't sound like a bad way to pass a couple of hours. Result to follow…
1206: If you are in the UK and reading this on the website, manually refresh your page immediately and you'll be ready for the start of the BBC1 coverage at 1210 BST.
From James, Kent, via text on 81111: "This is Nick Heidfeld's best chance to win his first race in a long time, I just hope he has luck on his side!"
From inthepipe on 606: "I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Brawns are better in the hot weather - the next five races will be hot. Button and Barrichello will be top five for these races. The rest of the field are going to finish all over the place - so none of the challengers are going to be able to make up the points on Button."
1158: Not sure anyone wants to know the physics of what happens to a rabbit hit by an F1 car...
From fettmaster on Twitter: "Does anyone know the physics of what happens to a rabbit hit by an F1 car?"
From BritJamez on Twitter: "Please can we hide Badoer's car now so we don't even have to see, or even think of him all day?!"
1153: The weather people forecast a cloudy but dry day, with a temperature of 17C. I await the real-life situation from BBC Sport's Sarah Holt. Not sure we even need rain today though...
1151: How I'll miss these fuel-adjusted grids when they're gone. Such a genuine thrill when those fuel loads drop in the inbox... Anyway, I summarise thusly: Sebastian Vettel has a full tank and so jumps from eighth to second, Rubens Barrichello has a dribble and drops from fourth to ninth, Jarno Trulli was in fact the quickest man in qualifying, but Kimi Raikkonen looks to be in with a decent shout of victory. Comprende?
Giancarlo Fisichella on his qualifying performance: "I hit a rabbit during morning practice and damaged the front wing. My mechanics said: 'In England, rabbits are good luck.' Maybe they're right."
1142: It's a brave man/woman who predicts the outcome of the race - which gets under way at 1300 BST as if you need reminding - but you can do so and so much more via text on 81111, on 606 or even on Twitter.
1138: No, no, don't panic EJ, the threads remain safely under wraps. Webber, Barrichello and Hamilton were of course reacting to an astonishing qualifying session yesterday, in which Giancarlo Fisichella surprised everyone including himself by snatching a first ever pole for Force India, and Toyota and BMW also finished well up the grid. Indeed, the only predictable thing about yesterday was Luca Badoer ending his session on the back of a motorbike after parking his Ferrari in a tyre wall.
1130: Mark Webber described it as "bizarre", Rubens Barrichello called it the "biggest surprise of the year", while Lewis Hamilton concluded: "I really can't explain this." I can only think they must have had a sneak preview of the outfit Eddie Jordan's planning to wear today.

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