Saturday, 29 August 2009

NY Yankees 10, Chi White Sox 0

Box Score
Scoring Summary
Bot 2nd: NY Yankees
- J. Hairston Jr. doubled to shallow right center, N. Swisher and R. Cano scored
- J. Damon doubled to right center, J. Hairston Jr. and J. Molina scored
Bot 4th: NY Yankees
- A. Rodriguez singled to shallow left, D. Jeter scored, J. Damon to third
- H. Matsui doubled to right, J. Damon scored, A. Rodriguez to third
- N. Swisher singled to shallow left, A. Rodriguez scored, H. Matsui to third
- R. Cano grounded into fielder's choice, H. Matsui scored, N. Swisher out at second
Bot 6th: NY Yankees
- R. Cano singled to shallow left center, M. Teixeira scored, H. Matsui to third
Bot 8th: NY Yankees

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