Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tiger's first round is much ado about nothing

After more than 20 years of covering everything from election campaigns to the Olympic Games, Robert Lusetich will focus on his first love, golf, and specifically on the much-anticipated return to the fairways of the sport's king, Tiger Woods.JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Even on a day he makes no news, Tiger Woods makes news.

For the first time this year, he declined on Thursday to answer questions from the media after a round of golf.
Of course, he's not compelled to stand in the dock before the assembled cameras and scribblers, especially when he's five shots off the lead and a day after he held a mini pre-tournament news conference here at The Barclays.
But as the sport's supernova, it's usually a good idea to feed the chickens of the Fourth Estate, and Woods typically understands that people want to know whatever he does, even if it's not much.
And so, much was read into his boycott.
Was he so upset with his opening round at The Barclays?
Was he unhappy — or, more accurately, unhappier — with Liberty National, a course for which he — and he's not alone among the players — hasn't been able to find a good word?
Was he exacting revenge after a local newspaper published a comment Woods made in confidence to a pro-am partner, questioning whether Tom Kite designed Liberty National before he had his eye surgery?
Or, some of the always suspicious New York media asked themselves in conspiratorial tones, was it just that he doesn't like Gotham City?
As always with Woods, bows are drawn, no matter how long.

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