Sunday, 20 September 2009

Baseball : Warner sets completion percentage record

Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner(notes) has set the single-game mark for completion percentage, breaking the record set by Vinny Testaverde(notes) with the Cleveland Browns in 1993. Vinny went 21 of 23 for a 91.30 completion rate, and Warner one-upped him by going 24 of 26 (92.3). Warner hit nine different receivers in Arizona's 31-17 win over the Jaguars, and Anquan Boldin(notes) led the way with eight catches. The Jaguars helped by refusing to sack Warner once all day. In completing his first 15 passes, Warner also tied a team record (Jake Plummer(notes), 1998).
The interesting thing about Warner's feat is that he wasn't the only one with a super-efficient performance on Sunday. Atlanta's Matt Ryan(notes) completed 21 of his 27 passes (77.8 percent), including three touchdowns. Ryan hit seven receivers, and Tony Gonzalez(notes) further proved the superior wisdom of the trade that brought him to Atlanta as he caught seven passes for 71 yards and a score. Gonzo also cleared the middle on Roddy White's(notes) touchdown - just the kind of complementary receiver the Falcons didn't have last season.
For those of you who thought our Brett Favre(notes) spoof last Sunday was a bit unkind, it behooves us to report that #4 completed 23 of his 27 attempts (85.2) for 155 yards and two touchdowns. Favre also set the NFL record with his 271st straight start, which is pretty darned impressive.
And from the "efficiency is a relative concept" department, we're happy to report that Jake Delhomme(notes) threw only one interception against the Falcons. You go, Jake!

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