Sunday, 20 September 2009

Boxing : Belfort returns to the UFC with an easy knockout of Franklin

The Dallas crowd was grumbling as Vitor Belfort waited to pounce with his counter-punching. A veteran with excellent boxing skills wasn't about employ a rock'em, sock'em approach. The patient Belfort waited for a mistake from Rich Franklin. He got it a little over three minutes into fight. Franklin failed to put his hands up after attempting a couple of rights. Belfort, a southpaw, clipped Franklin with a left that dropped the American to his knees where "The Phenom" drilled him with another left. That put Franklin down face first on the mat. Belfort unloaded three more big shots to side of Franklin's head. Referee Yves Lavigne stopped it at 3:02 of the first round in the main event of UFC 103 giving Belfort his UFC win since UFC 46 in 2004.
"I want to thank of all the fans. I miss this vibe. I trained so hard, away from my family for three months. God gave me the gift of speed and power."
Even five minutes after the fight was stopped, Franklin was still dazed.
"I'm a little scrambled. I asked my corner what caught me and put me down?," Franklin then joked. "Let's take a look at the big screen."
After Franklin watched the first punch that hurt him, he commented that it only looked like a glancing blow.
"Once you get clipped everything kind of goes blank. At this point, you're trying unscramble things."

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