Friday, 4 September 2009

Creicket : Live - England v Australia

From Sgt Wilko, via text on 81111: "Good to see England finally getting off the Cameron White water rapids ride, it thrashed us about a bit but at least it didn't last too long"
26th over - Aus 113-3Clarke, now facing a rebuilding job, steers Rashid for a single, then there's a huge lbw appeal from Rashid against Ferguson! Umpire Tony Hill shakes his head, but looking at the replay, that was pitching middle and hitting, erm, middle? The reprieved Ferguson is off the mark with a single.
From Martin Jourdain, Leeds, TMS inbox: "How about a trip to Umar Gul-livers World near Warrington?"
25th over - Aus 111-3Callum Ferguson is the new batsman, he's played 14 ODIs and averages 47.25 with a top score of 63. He sees off the rest of Colly's over.
24.2 overs - WICKET - White run out (Swann/Prior) 53 - Aus 111-3White pushes Colly to square leg, they come back for two, Graeme Swann's throw from the boundary is gathered by Matt Prior and is that out? It's referred to third umpire Peter Hartley - and it's out! Nelson strikes!
24th over - Aus 110-2Rashid is quickly through his overs - this is his fifth - as Clarke pushes a single and White, who's also a leg-spinner himself (though some would say not of international class), fails to pick a googly. But when he hoists the last ball to long-off, it falls just short of Graeme Swann running round.
From Matt, Ohio, TMS inbox: "How about the Kevin Pietersen Theme Park? Rides would include the 'Sui-Single', where you are propelled at 120mph along a cricket pitch in a desparate attempt to take that first run. You'd also have the 'Extreme Reverser (Sweep)' ride, which is supposed to suddenly shoot you off to the left or right with no prior warning. Unfortunately, most people can see which way they're going to be hit way before the ride starts"
23rd over - Aus 108-2White dabs Colly for a single off his legs, Clarke clips a well-run two to the mid-wicket boundary and then steals the strike again.
From Lloyd in Tiree, TMS inbox: "How about a trip to Paine-ton Zoo in South Devon, for those out early and with some time on their hands?"
22nd over - Aus 104-2Clarke tips-and-runs a quick single, White casually pushes one past the bowler and that's his maiden ODI fifty. Do commentators' curses work on Aussies? White has looked very assured so far, and we know from his T20 form that he's got another gear or two.
From Dan, TMS inbox: "When I was a kid I always used to enjoy a trip to Stephen Fleming-o Land"
21st over - Aus 102-2White plunders Colly for a single, Clarke is off the mark with another and then the blond-haired White rocks back to hammer Colly through the covers for four to reach 48. That's his highest ODI score, beating his 45 against New Zealand in Hobart in January 2007 - it's also the hundred up for Australia. Two more singles and Cap'n Clarke is smiling like Carol Smilie, absolutely beaming. As well he might, given the score.
20th over - Aus 94-2Rashid continues - his ODI shirt number on his back is 95, while he's England's ODI player number 210 so will have 210 under the three lions on his shirt. (Player 211, Jonathan Trott, was dropped after the Ireland game!) Just one single from White as 21-year-old Rashid is quickly through his over.
From eirebilly on 606: "Wow, that was a shocker by Watson. Good wicket for Collingwood though. Involved in both wickets so far"
19th over - Aus 93-2New batsman is acting Aussie captain Michael Clarke, Colly fields his first ball off his own bowling.
From Robert Walker, TMS inbox: "Re: Graham Thorpe Park having technical problems (17th over), you could always go to Drayton Manou Park and zoo instead"
Go on then, any other theme parks or zoos named after cricketers?
18.5 overs - WICKET - Watson c & b Collingwood 46 - Aus 93-2With spin and Colly in tandem, White forsakes his helmet for a bright yellow Australia cap but continues to push the singles - then Watson falls prey to a soft dismissal as he pops an easy return catch back to the delighted Colly!
18th over - Aus 92-1Watson drives Rashid for a single, then White carves him for two through the covers. A single to long-off takes him to 40, Watson smears one to long-on to reach 46 before White nicks the strike. Six off the over, and Aussies are sitting pretty as several non-combatant players scamper on to officiate in a drinks break.
From Michael (at work with lovely pie smells wafting throughout the office), TMS inbox: "Speaking of pies, have just had pleasure of buying an Aussie colleague lunch from a well known retailer. A variety they have concocted with kangaroo meat called Humble Pie. Can't think why. Bought myself one just in case"
17th over - Aus 86-1Cap'n Strauss shuffles his bowlers as Sidey is put out of his misery and Paul Collingwood comes on with his military medium Colly-wobblers. With five men on the boundary, White and Watson dab a couple of inoffensive singles apiece.
From Toby, via text on 81111: "Been queuing for 45 minutes for Colossus at Thorpe Park and now it's having technical problems! Live text is the only thing keeping me from going mad!"
You see, it's not just us that have technical problems. Graham Thorpe Park has them too.
16th over - Aus 82-1With the fielding powerplay over, England turn straight away to Adil Rashid's leg-spin. With apologies to Ireland (or the organisers of the World Twenty20), this is the young Yorkshireman's biggest game for England so far - and this series may also be an audition for Rashid's chance to swipe Monty Panesar's South African Airways boarding pass for this winter's Test series. Watson carves a single to mid-wicket, White off-drives another and it's just two runs from the over.
15th over - Aus 80-1Another wide from the wayward Sidebottom, before Watson opens the face to dab a single to third man. Rashid's warming up, though... White smears a two to long-on, and Sidey holds his hands up in despair. It's really not been his day. White jabs a single to leg, Watson adds another through the covers. England will be relieved the fielding restrictions are over.
From Gina in Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "As hard as I try, just finding it hard to get excited about this one-day series. So much so that I forgot we were playing at all this morning and therefore forgot to put on one of my two 'good luck' skirts that I normally wear on Test or one-day matches. Apologies therefore if we lose - it would clearly be all my fault"
14th over - Aus 74-1New bowler, same action and hairstyle as the fair-haired Luke Wright replaces Broad. I saw him bowl very well (albeit in a losing cause) in the Friends Provident Trophy final at Lord's, he seemed to have added half a yard of pace. Watson guides him to leg, but a brilliant diving stop by Ravi Bopara brings a round of applause as they run one. White powerfully straight-drives for four, then a short-arm punch brings him four more through mid-wicket.
From trebell on 606: "These two look good for getting Oz a few hundred. Then Lee gets Eng out for 50... job done."
13th over - Aus 65-1England persist with Sidey, who's misfiring worse than Aggers' car at the moment. Vic Marks on TMS wonders whether Sidey would do better from the Pavilion End as the singles continue to flow. Watson nicks the bowling as his score moves to 38 - White has 23, and that crazy run-out suddenly seems a long time ago.
From Paul, working from home, via text on 81111: "Could you ask my mate Ed to get me a steak and ale pasty at lunchtime, the ones at The Oval are the best"
Other pies and pasties are, of course, available. Now stop making me hungry.
12th over - Aus 60-1More clean hitting from Watson as he moves to 31 with a well-timed pull off Broad, then bludgeons four more with a textbook hook. After an exchange of singles, the tourists are sitting pretty at this stage.
11th over - Aus 51-1Uumpire Lllong rrotates hhis aarms to signal that England have taken the fielding powerplay immediately - there will be a maximum of three men outside the circle for the next five overs. Sidebottom remains a little wayward, White crashes him for two fours - one each side of the wicket. Two wides follow, which bring up Australia's fifty - Sidey doesn't look happy at all.
10th over - Aus 41-1White brutally square-cuts Broad for four, then runs a single to third man. That's it for the first (compulsory) powerplay.
And apologies if the live text is only now cranking into gear. We've had system-wide problems which have affected both the News and Sport websites - News are livid too as they were trying to cover a Gordon Brown speech live.
9th over - Aus 36-1Tuffers briefly forgets the name of the Vauxhall End, which is where Ryan Sidebottom replaces Anderson. While Tuffers unashamedly asks TMS listeners for support in his forthcoming appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, Sidey's first ball is wide outside off stump and Watson bashes it for a square-driven four. The right-hander steers a single to leg as the Notts swinger struggles with his line, then White guides another one through the covers.
8th over - Aus 30-1Watson tries to pull a short ball from Broad but can't really get hold of it and it dribbles through mid-wicket for a single to Rashid, who's out on the boundary and biting his nails. White weaves out of the way of a bouncer then guides Broad for two to leg.
7th over - Aus 27-1Watson plays and misses at Jimmy again, before dabbing a single to mid-off. White beautifully cover-drives the last ball for four, his first boundary. The game's still waiting to really catch fire, though.
From Mike, via text on 81111: "Re: Aggers' Dieselgate: He'll be in a replacement car tomorrow as putting the wrong fuel in is pretty catastrophic, once it gets into the system you have to take it all apart to decontaminate. Not nice"
6th over - Aus 22-1Watson keeps the scoreboard ticking, Broad has White nibbling at one which just misses the edge of his blade as he plays a not-quite-forward-not-quite-back defensive stroke. Broad is "right on the money" according to Tuffers, just one single from the over.
From Ken in Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Any truth in the rumour that they are planning to stage bog-snorkelling at Old Trafford as a 'fill in' between now and their next Test match?"
5th over - Aus 21-1If you haven't heard, England are missing opener Joe Denly today because he was injured when he was tackled by Owais Shah during a warm-up game of football. Not the first time this sort of thing has happened - as far as I know, the England football team have never opted to play cricket in the warm-up for their World Cup qualifiers. Would be fun to watch, though. A Watson single brings White on strike for the first time, he tips-and-runs a quick single to mid-on and Watson rotates the strike again.
4th over - Aus 18-1The guilty man in that dismissal was certainly Watson, who called for a run that was never there in a month of Sundays... He's been joined by Cameron White, who's been an effective biffer for Australia and Somerset in Twenty20 cricket. Watson steers Broad for two through mid-wicket before opening the face of the bat to dab one through the vacant second slip area for four. He also knocks the last ball off his legs for one to nick the strike.
3rd over - WICKET - Paine run out (Collingwood) 0 - Aus 11-1Anderson beats Watson's outside edge with a corker that zips through Geoff Boycott's beloved "corridor of uncertainty". Watson steers a two to Adil Rashid (playing his second ODI today after his debut in Ireland) at third man, then straight-drives, Anderson gets a hand to it but can't prevent it sailing past him for four. Then, it's a horror dismissal for Paine as Watson takes an absolutely ludicrous signal to Paul Collingwood at backward point, his throw hits the stumps and Paine is barely halfway down the track as he is out for a duck. Australia made to feel the, er, Paine...
2nd over - Aus 5-0Stuart Broad to take the second over, and I get to take my first look at new Aussie keeper/batsman Tim Paine, who's wearing ODI shirt number 36 for those of you who note such ephemera. The Tasmanian can't get his first few deliveries away, and nearly chops the last ball onto his stumps as Broad completes a maiden over. And our computer system seems to be working as well as Aggers' petrol/diesel tank at the moment... it currently looks as though I haven't done any updates since 1235 but I have. Honest, guv.
1st over - Aus 5-0James Anderson takes the new ball, the first ball is short and wide, Shane Watson slashes at it and Umpire Llong extends his arms to signal a wide. First runs off the bat come when Jimmy fires another wide one in, Watson carves it through the covers for four and my match-report colleague Oliver Brett is already chuntering about Anderson's bowling...
1255: A few gremlins with the auto-refreshing text today, but hopefully it should work now... England run out to field in their new (only to be used this season as far as I know) red ODI kit.
From Angry Dan, Lancashire, TMS inbox: "Got to wonder if Agnew will keep his place in the squad after this latest blunder. Petrol into a diesel? I don't think he cuts it at the highest level"
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS: "I look down at the line-ups and think 'who will hit the ball out of the ground?' Cameron White may, but I'm not sure about England - without Pietersen and Flintoff, I'm not sure it's a batting line-up that would terrify you"
1250: Aggers may not have made it to The Oval, but Simon Mann assures TMS listeners that the rain's stayed away too. Much debate over Australia's rather unusual batting line-up.
England spinner Graeme Swann on Twitter: "Oh, if anyone could find the broken down Aggers on the M1 and laugh at him for putting petrol in his diesel for me and Jimmy, priceless!"
1245: It's manual refresh time to get the video scorecard to appear at the top...
1241: Here are the full teams in we-think-this-is-batting-order:
England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wk), Owais Shah, Paul Collingwood, Luke Wright, Stuart Broad, Adil Rashid, Graeme Swann, Ryan Sidebottom, James Anderson.
Australia: Shane Watson, Tim Paine (wk), Cameron White, Michael Clarke (capt), Callum Ferguson, Mike Hussey, James Hopes, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Nathan Hauritz, Nathan Bracken.
Umpires are New Zealand's Tony Hull and England's Nigel Llong, Peter Hartley's on TV replays and Ian "Gunner" Gould is fourth ump. Completing the complement of officials is match referee Roshan Mahanama, the former Sri Lanka opener.
1235: So, England bring captain Andrew Strauss back in at the top of the order in place of Joe Denly, but have also omitted Tim Bresnan and Eoin Morgan from their 14-man squad. Australia, with captain Ricky Ponting sitting out the first few ODIs, are led by Michael Clarke who says he'd have batted anyway. Their side is packed with all-rounders - they've left out seamers Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus, and batsman Adam Voges.
1233: Toss news - England win the toss and will field first. And they're playing two spinners. (Yes, you've read that right, TWO SPINNERS. Woo hoo.)
1225: Morning, everyone. Or is that afternoon? One of my teachers at school would say that "it is not afternoon until a gentleman has had his luncheon", but you're very welcome in any event. But never mind Joe Denly's injury news, there's already been another big-hitter ruled out of the game...

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