Friday, 18 September 2009

He has played 1044 holes

Tiger Woods has played 1,044 holes of golf this season and has earned $9.7 million, or approximately $9,300 per hole.
Jason Hargett laughs at that figure. Laughs, I say!
On Tuesday, Hargett participated in one of those "hole-in-one for big bucks" contests as part of the Mark Eaton Celebrity Classic in Utah. Hargett hadn't planned on playing because of a sore wrist. But since even a bad day golfing is better than a good day doing anything else, he manned up, borrowed his brother's clubs, and ventured onto the course at the Red Ledges Golf Club. And then this happened:

That hole was a 150-yarder, and Hargett used a nine-iron for a $1 million stroke. Only question now is, how much of a cut does his brother get? Those were his clubs, after all. Bet that won't make for some awkward Thanksgiving dinners at all.
Golfer hits $1 million shot [USA Today]Visor tip to The Big Lead for the vid.
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