Saturday, 5 September 2009

Todd Duffee KOs Tim Hague In 7 Seconds At UFC 102

Total Pro Sports - It was not quite as fast as Ryohei Masuda's two second KO of Takahiro Kuroishi, or even Steve Ramirez's three second overhand right finisher, but Todd Duffee's knockout of Tim Hague at UFC 102 was pretty damn close.
The time frame was similar to Matt Baker's six second KO at King

of the Cage, but the only difference was Duffee's opponent was ready for the punch (rather than looking to touch fists). That however did not stop him from connecting with a solid left jab to the chin of Hague, which knocked him to the ground. One more vicious left and it was over.

Following the fight, Duffee told cameras "that's all hard work," but that "hard work" must have come in the training prior to the fight because it didn't seem like much effort was needed at all for this victory. As he would go on to say, "that was an appetizer." Now we will wait to see who Dana White throws in front of him for the main course.
Here is the knockout. In a rush? No worries. You will only need seven seconds.

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